Yuta Watanabe of the NBA = American professional basketball Raptors contributed to the team's third straight victory by scoring 10 points, which is the double digit for three consecutive games against Thunder on the 18th.

Watanabe, who scored 21 goals in the previous game, gained momentum with a three-point shot when he entered in the middle of the first quarter.

From the third quarter, he continued to stand on the court, brought in from the rebound and scored a shot, and also recorded an assist.

In the final fourth quarter, he scored points with dunk shots and free throws, and in his longest play of 29 minutes and 19 seconds, he scored 10 points for the first time in three consecutive games.

There were 4 assists and 4 rebounds.

In the match, the Raptors won 112 to 106 for three consecutive victories, with a total record of 24 wins and 34 losses.