The Tokyo Olympic Torch Relay will be held in Kochi Prefecture from the 19th to the 2nd.

The Tokyo Olympic torch relay, which started in Fukushima Prefecture last month, will be handed over to Kochi Prefecture, which is the 13th in total, and will tour 19 municipalities in Kochi Prefecture for two days from the 19th.

On the 19th, we will start in front of the "Sakamoto Ryoma Statue" in Katsurahama Park in Kochi City, and then on the Niyodo River, which is known as a clear stream in Ino Town, runners will board a riverboat and follow a unique course that goes around the river. ..

After that, we will arrive at the last Sukumo city after passing through the "Sada subsidence bridge" over the Shimanto River, which is known as a tourist attraction in Shimanto city, via Tosa city.

In Sukumo City, a celebration to celebrate the arrival of the torch is held at the so-called "Umikaze Park".

On the 19th, about 80 runners, including talent Wakako Shimazaki, enka singer Hiroshi Miyama, and former sumo wrestler Sekiwake and Toyonoshima's Izutsu master, will connect the torch.

The Kochi Prefecture Executive Committee is calling for support through live internet broadcasts to avoid crowding the roadside spectators.