Six games were played in professional baseball.

In the Central League, Hanshin defeated Hiroshima for the second time in a row this season.

Central League

▼ In Hanshin vs. Hiroshima, Hanshin won 6-0.

In the second inning, the Hanshin Tigers scored one goal with a timely hit by rookie and Nakano.

In the 4th inning, Teruaki Sato, the same rookie, hit No. 4 Touran, the first home run in Koshien, leading 3 points.

Starting pitcher Yuki Nishi won the second victory with four hits in eight innings and a good pitch with no runs.

Hanshin is the second consecutive win of the season.

In Hiroshima, starting pitcher Morishita suffered the first black star of the season with 5 goals in 5 innings.

▼ Giants vs. Chunichi The Giants won 5 to 1.

The Giants took the lead with Matsubara's timely hit three times, followed by Sakamoto's two-point timely two-base, and Kajitani's No. 2 Touran, which scored five points at a time.

Starting pitcher Hatake won the season's first victory with a good pitch of 1 goal, struck out 9 strikeouts while hitting 7 hits halfway through the 9th inning.

The Giants are the first three consecutive wins of the season.

In the middle of the day, starting pitcher Katsuno collapsed, and the counterattack ended with only nine Ariel Martinez solo home runs.

▼ Yakult vs. DeNA, Yakult won 7-3.

Yakult chased 2 points 3 times, and took 3 points with Shio's No. 2 Touran and turned around.

After that, Yamada expanded his lead with two consecutive home runs.

Yakult starting pitcher Kanakubo won his first victory in his fourth year as a pro with three goals in the middle of the sixth inning.

Yakult has won more than 50% for the first time this season.

DeNA has lost 5 games in a row.

Pacific League

▼ Rakuten vs. Lotte drew 2 to 2.

Rakuten caught up with Daichi Suzuki's sacrifice fly nine times, chasing one point. Rakuten starting pitcher Norimoto took 9 strikeouts in 6 innings and scored 1 goal. Lotte won the 7th inning in a timely manner by Shogo Nakamura, but he couldn't escape.

▼ Softbank vs. Orix, Softbank won 4 to 1.

In the 2nd inning, Matsuda took the lead in a timely manner, and in the 6th inning, Akira Nakamura and Kai added 2 points in a timely manner to widen the lead. Softbank starting pitcher Wada won his first victory of the season with a good pitching of four hits in the middle of the seventh inning. In Orix, starting pitcher Yamamoto suffered a second loss with three goals in the middle of the sixth inning.

▼ Seibu vs. Nippon-Ham was won by Seibu 2-1.

Seibu scored one goal with Mori's timely hit once. In the third inning, Wu added one point in a timely manner. Starting pitcher Imai won his first victory of the season with three hits and one goal in six innings. Nippon-Ham's starting pitcher, Rookie Ito, who was the first in the draft, was tenacious with two goals in the sixth inning, but there was no support from the batting line. Nippon-Ham stopped at 3 in a row with a draw in between.