At the match in Abu Dhabi in January, it was the first time in his career that Conor McGregor was knocked out.

The July 10 meeting in Las Vegas will be the third meeting between McGregor and Poirier of all time.

McGregor won the first meeting by knockout

The first time they met was in 2014. That time McGregor won by knockout after only 106 seconds.

But in the last meeting, Poirier got revenge.

Even then, McGregor was aware that there could be more matches already in 2021.

- This will be a tough loss for me to swallow, but as he said it is 1-1 in matches now so we have to do it again, McGregor said in January.

Now it is clear that they will meet again in a little over three months.

ARCHIVE: Here Conor McGregor (January 25, 2021) is knocked out

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Dustin Poirier cheers after defeating superstar Conor McGregor by knockout.

Photo: Bildbyrån