Björklöven had 3-2 in matches against Karlskoga before tonight's clash and had made it to the final if they won.

But Björklöven did not take the chance.

It was Karlskoga's Gustaf Thorell who gave the away team the lead early in the first period.

And in the second, Thorell would extend to 2-0.

Björklöven would reduce to 2-1 but then the numbers ran away.

Thorell put the nail in the coffin when he put 5-1 late in the third period.

He thus made a hat trick and made sure that Karlskoga has a chance to decide the semifinal series at home. 

- It's a shame that we are not allowed to have an audience at that match because it would have been cool, says Thorell, about Friday's crucial meeting, in C More.

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