The Czech government has criticized the suspension of Slavia Prague player Ondrej Kúdela on Thursday.

The defender was banned for ten games for a possible racist remark to a black player in the Europa League match against Rangers FC.

"The racism allegations have not been proven," writes a senior executive on behalf of the cabinet in an open letter to the UEFA disciplinary committee, which pronounced the suspension on Thursday.

"Even a UEFA official wondered if Kúdela made the racist remark."

"You have condemned a man without any evidence," it says later in the letter.

"You're only doing this to meet the perverse expectations of a small group of activists and a club that couldn't win on the field."

"In your hands, the fight against racism has turned into hypocrisy, affirmative action and bowing to silly developments. We will not kneel before you and no threat can hit a Czech football fan."

Glen Kamara attacked Ondrej Kúdela after the Europa League match.

Glen Kamara attacked Ondrej Kúdela after the Europa League match.

Photo: ANP

Kúdela covered his mouth

The 34-year-old Kúdela would have said something in the ear of Glen Kamara in the Europa League match against Rangers FC on March 18, according to UEFA.

That was not visible, because Kúdela put his hand over his mouth.

The Finn with Sierra Leoneian roots then became enraged and accused Kúdela of racism.

UEFA concluded after an investigation that Kúdela had indeed made a racist remark and imposed a ten-game suspension.

The eight-time international of the Czech Republic, who denies all accusations, therefore misses the European Football Championship.

Kamara himself was also suspended for three games, because he attacked Kúdela after the game in the tunnel.

Slavia won the game in Glasgow 0-2 and reached the semi-finals of the Europa League.

The return for the Czech club against Arsenal awaits on Thursday.

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