Trainer Ernie Brandts will not be in front of the FC Eindhoven group in the coming days.

The ailing club from the Kitchen Champion Division has made that decision after the group of players has lost confidence in the technical staff.


Eindhovens Dagblad

reported on Monday evening that a vote showed that there is no support for Brandts anymore within the selection.

There is reportedly dissatisfaction with the tactical and football-technical approach of the 65-year-old trainer and his resigned attitude after defeats.

Within the technical staff, it has not been possible for months between certain people and there is, according to the players, a lack of unity.

FC Eindhoven does not want to confirm the stories, but the club does report that Brandts will not be in front of the group in the coming days.

"In the coming days FC Eindhoven will be considering the future of the current technical staff. After discussions with the technical staff and the players group, the club is currently taking the time to find a suitable solution", FC Eindhoven writes in a statement on the site.

Not all members of the coaching staff would have lost the confidence of the players.

According to the

Eindhovens Dagblad

, the selection wants assistant trainer Ivo Rossen to stand in front of the group.

Brandts has been a trainer of FC Eindhoven since the summer of 2019, which recently expressed its intention to extend his contract.

Nevertheless, the current unrest at FC Eindhoven does not come as a big surprise, because the club is working on a dramatic series.

Of the sixteen duels this calendar year, the Eindhoven team only won one and that was on April 5 against low flyer FC Dordrecht (1-5).

The low flyer occupies the sixteenth place in the Kitchen Champion Division.