In recent days, Guangdong's volleyball circle has been boiling-the men's volleyball team broke into the quarterfinals of the National Games for the first time in 34 years, and the women's volleyball team returned to the quarterfinals of the National Games for the first time in 56 years.

Yangcheng Evening News reporters exclusively interviewed Zhao Binghui, head coach of men's volleyball, Fang Yan, head coach of women's volleyball, and Zeng Ji, executive vice chairman of the Guangdong Volleyball Association. They mentioned the most youth training: talents are the foundation for the development of projects.

  Men's Volleyball Youth Training Sees Initial Results

  Guangdong men’s volleyball team had a glorious “national volleyball half-Taishan” in the 1970s. However, in the early 1990s, due to lack of strength, the team stayed in Class B for a long time. As a result, the project was “cut” and missed two National Games. The team was disbanded and the reserve talents withered.

It wasn't until 1998 that the volleyball project was restored, but there was no talent base. It was only supported by the introduction of foreign talents, and the results have not been satisfactory.

Over the past few years, the local players have gradually grown up and even made a few national players.

  Speaking of today’s results, Zeng Ji is quite excited, but when it comes to youth training, he still has concerns: “In fact, our volleyball base-level outlets are still not enough. There are only three sports schools in Yangjiang, Huizhou and Taishan. Our opponents, such as For the Shandong team, there are 18 sports schools below to provide them with talents. The size is beyond our comparison."

  In recent years, the popularization of volleyball in middle schools in Guangdong Province has been widespread, especially the three major balls have become the test items for the high school entrance examination. Zeng Ji believes that all of them will promote the development of volleyball population, and hope to further open up the flow of talents between school sports and sports schools in the future. Channels, at the government level, can provide more support to grassroots outlets and develop more branches of grassroots talent training, and volleyball will have a better tomorrow.

"We must focus on the cultivation of grassroots talents, otherwise this session will be over, and the next session will not do if there are no talents. Our Volleyball Association has been setting up a reward mechanism for the transfer of grassroots talents in recent years. I hope this volleyball breakthrough can play a certain role. With stimulus, governments and sports bureaus at all levels can give more policy support.” Zhao Binghui also revealed that his coaching team has started the selection and training of the next National Games, hoping to use the “leading project” to promote the development of youth training. .

  The women's volleyball team has outstanding reserve problems

  If the Guangdong men's volleyball team broke into the top eight is the established goal, then the Guangdong women's volleyball team broke into the top eight is an unexpected surprise.

After the promotion results were announced last night, the women's volleyball girls found out the results of previous National Games, only to find that the last time they scored in the top eight at the National Games was in 1965, so they were very proud.

  Due to lack of talents, the Guangdong Women's Volleyball Team has been weak for a long time.

After the co-construction with Evergrande Women's Volleyball Team, although relying on the introduction of domestic and foreign aid, they have achieved many good results in the league, but the National Games without domestic and foreign aid is often difficult.

Other provincial and municipal teams prepared for the National Games for four years, and the Guangdong women's volleyball team did not make up a list of 12 players until December last year.

It wasn't until this year that the Bayi team was disbanded and several players joined, and it was only after the Spring Festival that a relatively complete lineup was assembled.

After the national player Li Yao returned from the national team at the end of March, he hurried out after only training with the team twice.

The main attacker, Pi Yanchi, was accidentally injured on the first ball of the first game. In 24 hours, the substitute Zhang Chunan was urgently transferred from Guangdong to Weifang.

From the perspective of overall strength, the Guangdong women's volleyball team does not have the strength to compete with strong teams.

Unexpectedly, at the start, he won the Beijing, Sichuan and Fujian teams, and lost five games against Shanghai, Shandong and other strong teams. Even Fang Yan said frankly that "a bit of a miracle flavor".

  Achieving such results has nothing to do with the coaching of the head coach.

Fang Yan has served as the club’s coach in European volleyball for many years. He has long been accustomed to the problem of foreign clubs’ personnel turnover. He has also developed the ability to stimulate the players’ maximum potential in a short period of time. The team kneaded into a whole.

The main attacker, Li Yao, grew rapidly after a few months of training for the national team. Chen Peiyan, the second passer, was able to perform after his eye disease was cured, which also improved the overall strength of the Guangdong women's volleyball team.

  Compared with men's volleyball, the youth training problem of Guangdong women's volleyball team is more prominent.

The Guangdong Youth Women's Volleyball Team has started to form three teams, but Fang Yan believes that the selection criteria are not high enough.

"Now the reserve force is still relatively empty. Now the tallest girl in our youth team is only 1.88 meters, generally around 1.84 meters. The youth teams of other provinces and cities have basically three or four players above 1.9 meters, and the gap is still relatively large. The selection of talents is very important, and the success of the selection is equal to half of the success. Youth training is a systematic project. I hope that Guangdong volleyball can take this opportunity to get good results to pay more attention to youth training instead of staying at the mouth. The vision of selection can be relaxed. In one point, school sports and grassroots sports must be launched, step by step, and do a good job."

  Yangcheng Evening News reporter Su Ning