Screenshot of Forbes website.

  China News Service, April 13th. A few days ago, the financial magazine "Forbes" announced the latest world football club value rankings.

Barcelona topped the list with US$4.76 billion, followed by Real Madrid and Bayern with US$4.75 billion and US$4.22 billion respectively.

  The last time "Forbes" counted the most valuable football club rankings two years ago, when Real Madrid ranked first, and now they have been overtaken by their arch rivals Barcelona.

  The list lists the 20 most valuable football clubs in the world. The average value of the 20 teams is US$2.28 billion (approximately £1.66 billion), an increase of 30% from the time when the ranking was released two years ago.

  Last season, the average income of these 20 teams was US$441 million (approximately £321 million), a 9.6% decrease from the 2017-18 season.

Despite this, the commercial value of the club has grown.

  The following is "Forbes" the world's most valuable club rankings:

  1. Barcelona, ​​US$4.76 billion

  2. Real Madrid, US$4.75 billion

  3. Bayern Munich, US$4.21 billion

  4. Manchester United, US$4.2 billion

  5. Liverpool, $4.1 billion

  6. Manchester City, $4 billion

  7. Chelsea, $3.2 billion

  8. Arsenal, $2.8 billion

  9. Paris Saint-Germain, 2.5 billion US dollars

  10. Tottenham Hotspur, $2.3 billion

  11. Juventus, $1.95 billion

  12. Dortmund, $1.9 billion

  13. Atletico Madrid, $1 billion

  14. Inter Milan, US$743 million

  15. Everton, $658 million

  16. AC Milan, $559 million

  17. Rome, US$548 million

  18. West Ham, US$508 million

  19. Leicester City, $455 million

  20. Ajax, $413 million