Eythora Thorsdottir will not participate in the European Gymnastics Championships in Basel (April 21-25) this month due to a minor injury.

Olympic champions Sanne Wevers and Epke Zonderland will travel to Switzerland three months before the start of the Games from Tokyo.

"I suffered a minor ankle injury in my last race. Fortunately there is little damage," Thorsdottir writes on Instagram on Monday.

"I am sorry that I cannot go to the European Championship, but I keep my eyes on the Olympics."

The Dutch women's team qualified for Tokyo eighteen months ago, but the selection is not yet known.

The 22-year-old Thorsdottir, who is considered the best all-round gymnast in the Netherlands, is in the pre-selection together with Sara van Disseldorp, Vera van Pol, Naomi Visser, Sanna Veerman, Tisha Volleman, Lieke Wevers, Sanne Wevers and Laura de Witt.

That group will be reduced to an Olympic selection of four at qualifying moments on 12 and 26 June.

Visser, Volleman, Lieke Wevers and Sanne Wevers do participate in the European Championship, where no country competition will be held this time.

Only individual all-around and equipment medals can be earned.

Dutch selection for European Gymnastics Championships

  • Women: Naomi Visser, Tisha Volleman, Lieke Wevers and Sanne Wevers

  • Men: Epke Zonderland, Bart Deurloo, Loran de Munck, Frank Rijken, Casimir Schmidt and Jordi Hagenaar

'This is a good test on the way to Tokyo'

The men's European Championship selection consists of Zonderland, Bart Deurloo, Loran de Munck, Frank Rijken, Casimir Schmidt and debutant Jordi Hagenaar.

Deurloo is certain of the Games, while Zonderland is almost certain.

"For Bart and Epke this is a good test and preparation for the Games, although Epke's ticket has yet to be confirmed", says national coach Bram van Bokhoven.

"This event is also a good test for the ladies on the way to Tokyo. This is the first competition in which the athletes can compete internationally for a long time."

The KNGU decided not to send a team to the postponed European Championship last December in Mersin, Turkey, due to concerns about the corona virus.

This year, all World Cup matches have been canceled, only the one in Doha may be scheduled at a later date.

The Dutch toppers have therefore not competed in an international competition for over a year.

In addition to Van Bokhoven, the technical staff for the European Championship consists of Aimee Boorman, Jeroen Jacobs, Daniel Knibbeler, Dirk Van Meldert, José van der Veen, Vincent Wevers and Nico Zijp.

Last week it was announced that the much-discussed coaches Wevers and Zijp are not allowed to go to the Games, but they are still present at the European Championship.

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