There are two training internationals in April where the result does not really matter much, but with an Olympics waiting in Tokyo this summer and a limited squad to be taken out, the competition is stepped up.

- This year is an Olympic year so it is tomorrow against Poland that players must show.

I think they know the requirements, but you have to deal with that, says national team captain Peter Gerhardsson and continues:

- In matches like this, you need to show good self-confidence.

If you have made four international appearances, you may have to look like you have made more.

Despite a good match against the USA and 1-1, there will be several changes to tomorrow's clash.

- They play differently than the USA.

A little more selection-oriented.

Defends very low sometimes, which means that we may need more players in the front positions, says the national team captain.

The treble line worked well against the USA, but now they seem to switch to playing with four defenders.

- It tends that we make a change in it because we have many skilled offensive players in the squad as well.

Some will have to show up who were not in the last race.

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Lina Hurtig cheers after nodding in 1-0 for Sweden at Friends Arena.

Photo: Bildbyrån