Yuki Koike, who is aiming to participate in the Tokyo Olympics in a short distance for men on land, participated in the 100-meter race, which is the first race of this season, and won the championship by marking a time of 10 seconds 04 while setting a wind assistance record.

The 25-year-old Koike has a personal best of 9.98 seconds, which is the second place in Japan's history, and is aiming to represent the men's 100m and 400m relays at the Tokyo Olympics.

On the 11th, I participated in the Izumo Athletics Tournament held in Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture as the first race of this season.

Top players in Japan such as Aska Cambridge, who holds the record of 7th place in Japan, and Shuhei Tada, who holds the record of 9th place in history, also participated in this tournament, and Koike marked 10 seconds 37, which is the second place overall in the qualifying. And advanced to the final.

Then, when he jumped out of the start in the final, he took the speed from the middle stage onward and won the championship with a time of 10 seconds 04 while keeping a reference record of 4 meters of wind assistance.

Tada was in 2nd place at 10:08, and Cambridge set a time of 10:35, which was the top of the qualifying, but he abstained from the final due to a sense of discomfort in his left thigh.

Koike "Aiming for a medal at the Olympics"

Yuki Koike said, "The wind was strong and I ran with the idea of ​​not falling on the ground after the middle stage. It was good because I was able to check the technique and check the growth in winter in the first race of the season." I looked back on the race of the final.

At the start of this season, Koike changed to a shape with his left foot in front, which is the opposite of last year.

Regarding this start, I felt a response, "I was able to try everything I had done since winter practice, so it was quite big."

And for the future, he is enthusiastic, "If you are aiming for a medal in the final of the Olympic Games, you have to greatly update your personal best. I want to face the race after this as a preliminary step toward that." did.

Tada "A good shape for the first match"

Shuhei Tada said, "I was aiming for the victory, so there are some disappointing parts, but it was a good finish for the first 100-meter dash. I finally got back to my senses with a time of 10 seconds and 0 cars for the first time in a long time. I think it's okay to give about 70 points. "

On the other hand, he mentioned the start as an issue and said, "I haven't been able to get out well at the start I'm good at. Since the first step has become a stride, I aim for smooth weight transfer with my legs in the shortest distance. I want to go. "

For the future, he said, "I can improve my condition, so in the next race I want to run below the Olympic participation standard record of 10 seconds 05. For that purpose, I want to improve the first half and improve the sharpness." I was there.