Misaki Emura, who has been sure to represent the Tokyo Olympics by fencing, will be active as a professional from this month and said, "I want to believe in my potential and do my best."

22-year-old Emura is sure to be represented in Japan at the Tokyo Olympics in one of the fencing events, the women's saber.

After graduating from university last month, I signed an affiliation contract with a company engaged in the real estate industry from this month, and I will be working as a professional. On the 9th, I held a press conference in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.

Emura said, "Your income will change depending on your results, and if you don't get results, you may not be able to continue your activities. There are risks, but I think it's a challenge of how much you can increase your value. I want to believe in my potential and do my best. "

According to Emura, it is the first time for a fencing player to work as a professional with only sponsorship income. "I want to open up an unprecedented new path. By my success, I will be new to the next generation of players. I think it's worthwhile because I think it will give me dreams and possibilities, "he said with a strong determination.

On top of that, for the Tokyo Olympics, which was about three months before the opening, "I was keenly aware of the difference with overseas at the international competition last month. I realized that there was a gap in such a place, so anyway, I took my chance. I want to lose it. "