SC Cambuur had to go deep on Friday to get rid of FC Den Bosch.

The Frisian leader won in a spectacle with 3-5 from the last player from Brabant.

Almere City did not get further than a goalless draw in the remainder of the halted snow duel with Roda JC.

SC Cambuur seemed to have an easy evening against FC Den Bosch.

The team of trainer Henk de Jong led 0-2 after more than twenty minutes by goals from Ragnar Oratmangoen and Robert Mühren (penalty).

It was his 32nd season of the season for club top scorer Mühren.

Before half time FC Den Bosch came on the same level via Romano Postema and Dhoraso Moreo Klas.

Michael Breij made it 2-3 for Cambuur shortly after the break, after which Jizz Hornkamp shot FC Den Bosch back to 3-3 in the 74th minute.

Three minutes later it was already 3-4 for Cambuur.

Substitute Nick Doodeman was the celebrated man.

In injury time, Oratmangoen shot in safe haven with his second goal of the evening: 3-5.

Because of the victory over FC Den Bosch, Cambuur is almost as good as certain of promotion to the Eredivisie.

With five matches to go, the Frisians have a thirteen point lead over number three Almere City, although the Flevolanders have played a match less.

The numbers one and two of the Kitchen Champion Division are promoted directly to the highest level.

Almere City was damaged in the battle for promotion to the Eredivisie.

Almere City was damaged in the battle for promotion to the Eredivisie.

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Almere suffers expensive points loss in snow duel

Earlier in the evening, Almere suffered expensive points loss in the remainder of the halted snow duel with Roda JC.

In the remaining 23 minutes in Kerkrade, the team of interim coach Jeroen Rijsdijk did not score: 0-0.

The game between Almere City and Roda was halted after 67 minutes on Monday due to a heavy snow shower in South Limburg, so that the lines in the Parkstad Limburg Stadium were no longer visible.

Although Roda employees had cleared the snow above the lines not much later, the players did not return to the field.

Referee Ingmar Oostrom could not guarantee their safety.

NAC Breda benefited from Almere City's misstep and now has as many points (66) as the number three.

The Brabanders won 3-1 in-house against Jong FC Utrecht.

After an own goal by Rick Meissen and red for Remco Balk, the victory seemed within for the home team.

Jeredy Hilterman, however, signed for the 1-1 (penalty), after which NAC still won thanks to goals from Moïse Adiléhou and Sydney van Hooijdonk.

Excelsior turned a backlog against NEC and won 2-1, while PSV's promises won 0-2 against FC Eindhoven in an Eindhoven get-together.

FC Volendam took home against Helmond Sport (5-1) and TOP Oss surprised with a victory at Jong Ajax (0-1).

Photo series: Roda JC-Almere City shut down due to snow

Employees of Roda JC tried to make the lines visible with snow plows, but that turned out to be in vain.

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Halfway through the second half, the lines were no longer visible in the Parkstad Limburg Stadium.

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The match between Roda JC and Almere City in the Kitchen Champion Division was halted on Monday due to the snow.

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At the time of the strike it was still 0-0.

© Pro Shots

The players of both teams immediately went into the dressing room and did not have to return.

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It is not yet clear when the remainder of the game, at least 23 official minutes, will be completed.

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Before kick-off, the sky was still blue and the sun was shining in Kerkrade.

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