It turned out that the golf emperor Tiger Woods had not even remembered that he had an accident in February after the car he was driving overturned.

According to the US ESPN's citing a 22-page report on an accident from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office in California, Woods immediately after the accident was mistaken for being in Florida, not LA.

At the time, Woods was driving the Genesis SUV GV80, and it was found that it ran at a speed limit of 45 miles per hour and up to 87 miles on a road that was about 72 kilometers per hour.

The conclusion of the U.S. police authorities was that the accident occurred by pressing the accelerator pedal instead of the brake, especially on a curve.

After the accident, it was investigated that Woods had no memory of the accident, but the sheriff who investigated Woods reported that "Woods had no memory of the accident and thought he was in Florida."

Woods was driving near Los Angeles in February, and injured his legs severely in an accident where a vehicle overturned.