Next winter, the Beijing Olympics are the big goal for the long-distance stars.

To succeed, it means that they get a lot of high altitude training because altitude will be one of the biggest challenges at the winter games.

During this year's WC in Oberstdorf, they competed at an altitude of about 850 meters, something that affected many skiers.

In China, 1,700 meters of altitude await.

But the corona pandemic can put the brakes on the riders' training ahead.

The uncertainty surrounding the national team training means that Therese Johaug may need to train on her own.

- It is possible that I will do it.

What is difficult is to plan well in advance now given the pandemic, you just have to take it a little as it comes.

You have to look at the infection trend in general in Europe, Johaug tells Dagbladet.

"It is uncertain"

The Norwegian ski ladies are currently planning to train in Italy in June and another high-altitude camp in August / September and another in October.

But at the moment, people are advised against traveling by the Norwegian union.

The Norwegian women's coach Ole Morten Iversen says that the camp in Italy is their plan A, but that they have three or four reserve plans.

- It's uncertain.

We could not have done it today.

As long as it is unclear, we will not travel, says Ole Morten Iversen.

Iversen says that high-altitude training is extra important for the younger members of the team.

- Therese and several of the older riders in the team have trained a lot in height before and are perhaps the ones who really need the collection in June the least, while they are the ones who want it the most.

We believe that several others need it more to gain more experience.

CLIP: Therese Johaug's tribute to Charlotte Kalla: "A fantastic athlete" (February 26, 2021)

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Therese Johaug's tribute to Charlotte Kalla: "A fantastic athlete"