The Japanese Swimming Championships, which will be the representative selection for the Tokyo Olympics, is the sixth day of the tournament.

Of the qualifying held in the morning, Naoki Mizunuma, who is aiming to participate in the Olympics for the first time in the men's 100-meter butterfly, advanced to the semi-finals in the afternoon with 1st place overall.

After 5 pm, the women's 100-meter freestyle final, in which Rikako Ikee advanced to the final in 1st place overall, will be held.

Morning qualifying results

In this Japan Championship, if you break the standard dispatch record in the final and finish in 2nd place, you will be nominated as the representative of the Tokyo Olympics as an individual event.

On the 8th, the 6th day of the tournament, a third qualifying round was held for both men and women in the morning.

▽ In the men's 100-meter butterfly qualifying, Mizunuma, who is the representative of the adult world championship and is aiming to participate in the Olympic Games for the first time, participated in the third group of the qualifying, and when the first half was turned back in 2nd place, the second half was a relaxed swim. In the qualifying, he marked 51.92, which is the only one in the 51-second range, and decided to advance to the semi-finals at the top of the overall team.

Katsuhiro Matsumoto, who has already been nominated for the men's 200m freestyle, also participated in the qualifying for this event and advanced to the semifinals in the afternoon in 4th place overall.

▽ In the women's 200-meter backstroke, 19-year-old Natsumi Sakai, who is aiming to participate in the Olympic Games for the second consecutive tournament, advanced to the semifinals in 7th place overall at 2: 14.32.

▽ In the women's 800-meter freestyle, Namba Mimu, a first-year college student, participated in aiming for the second representative job offer following the women's 400-meter freestyle, and advanced to the semi-final in the overall 1st place with a time of 8 minutes 33 seconds 74. I did.

Will Ikee be unofficially decided in the second event?

After 5 pm, the 4th final will be held for both men and women, including the women's 100-meter freestyle.

In the women's 100-meter freestyle, it will be interesting to see if Rikako Ikee will be the second representative.

There is a possibility that Ikee will advance to the final in 1st place overall and will be nominated as a member of the individual event and the women's 400m relay.

It will be interesting to see if it will be the second unofficial decision after winning the women's 100-meter butterfly on the 4th of this month and being appointed as the representative of the medley relay.

Daiya Seto, who won the men's 200-meter individual medley, has been appointed as the representative, so Hagino and others will compete for the remaining one slot.

Hagino, who has been recovering from his illness after taking a rest, decided to miss the 400-meter individual medley and 200-meter backstroke that won the gold medal at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, and decided to concentrate on this event and finished in 1st place overall. I proceeded.

Hagino has already been appointed as the representative of the men's 800m relay, but it will be interesting to see if he can acquire the representative right even in individual events.

Afternoon schedule

17:05 Women's 100m Freestyle Final

17:16 Men's 200m Backstroke Final

17:27 Women

's 200m Backstroke Final

17:40 Men's 200m Individual Medley Final

17:51 Men's 100m Butterfly Semifinal

18:02 Women's 200m Backstroke Semifinal