The signature that a Romanian linesman received from Erling Haaland on Tuesday evening is intended for a good cause.

After the Champions League match between Manchester City and Borussia Dortmund (2-1) there was surprise after the Dortmund striker was asked for his signature in the tunnel.

The signature will be auctioned and the proceeds will benefit a foundation for autistic children and adults in the Bihor region, Romanian medium

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Linesman Octavian Sovre, who has been active at an international level for seventeen years, would regularly offer attributes of famous footballers to the foundation.

Sovre followed Haaland in Manchester on Tuesday and asked the top striker of Dortmund to sign a yellow and a red card.

The cards will be auctioned at an annual event of the foundation.

Many international media responded with astonishment to Sovre's action, which was called inappropriate.

The linesman would also have approached Manchester City coach Josep Guardiola for a signature, but the Spaniard has not given it, according to the Romanian medium.

Octavian Sovre asked for the signature of Erling Haaland last night in the catacombs ✍🏻 What do we think about this?

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`` Linesman has been donating shirts and signatures from players for years ''

Simona Zlibut, chairman of the foundation, confirms that the linesman regularly makes souvenirs from football matches available.

"That signature is for a noble cause," she told

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"Not many people knew this, but Octavian has been directly involved with the foundation for years. I've known him since kindergarten. He regularly gives shirts, photos and autographs that we can auction off."