Kenta Maeda, a pitcher of the Major League Baseball Twins, started the game against the Tigers and scored two goals in six innings to win his first victory of the season.

This is the first victory of the season for Japanese starting pitchers.

Pitcher Maeda started on the 7th in the 5th day of the match against the Tigers in his opponent's home base, Detroit.

In the second inning, pitcher Maeda was hit by a one-out hit to be the runner's first base, and was hit by a timely three-base hit by the following batter and lost one point.

In addition, the pinch continued with first base and third base, but after that, the batter was able to hit the pitcher liner's double play with his own good defense and did not allow additional points.

From the 3rd time onward, he gradually showed his strength by striking out with a sharp changing ball and a powerful fastball.

Pitcher Maeda lost his second home run in the 5th inning, and in the 6th inning with a 1-point lead, he had a one-out bases loaded and a pinch with hits and walks.

In the following batter's light fly, the opponent's third base runner aimed to score by touching up, but he made a touch out at home with a good ball of his ally and blocked the tie.

Pitcher Maeda persistently threw 6 times, supported by the defense of his allies, and took 7 hits and 6 strikeouts to keep 2 goals, and got the right of the winning pitcher to get off the mound.

In the match, the Twins won 3-2, and Maeda won his first victory of the season, making him the first Japanese starting pitcher to win.