On February 23, golf star Tiger Woods crashed his car into Rolling Hills Estates in Southern California.

Now local police confirm that Woods was driving well over the speed limit when he drove off the road.

Alex Villanueva, Los Angeles Police Chief, says Woods was driving about 130 miles per hour on a 70-lane road and that speeding was the cause of the crash.

The news agency AP writes that Woods, according to documents, said that he does not remember how the accident happened or that he even drove a car.

Tiger Woods is currently in Florida where he is recovering from the operations he performed after the accident.

The golf legend had fractures to his right calf and shin, as well as injuries to his foot and ankle.

CLIP: Sörenstam about Woods: "Got a stomach ache" (February 24, 2021)

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Sörenstam about Woods: "Got a stomach ache" Photo: SVT / TT