Tiger Woods' car after the accident on February 23, 2021 in the suburbs of Los Angeles.


Ringo HW Chiu / AP / SIPA

No "preferential treatment".

Los Angeles Sheriff Alex Villanueva has given details of Tiger Woods' serious traffic accident in late February.

Despite a "dangerous speed" almost twice the limit, the golfer escaped a PV and a blood test as no witnesses witnessed the crash, and there was "no sign" that he was under the influence of alcohol or medication, authorities said.

Insisting: the scenario would have been the same for an anonymous driver.

đź”´Tiger Woods was going almost twice as fast as the authorized speed, 135-140 km / h in a zone at 70. Touched the central reservation of the turn, crossed two lanes against the flow, final impact with the tree at 120 km / h.

Very lucky to be alive (belt + airbag) pic.twitter.com/GboAPrwgXr

- Philippe Berry (@ptiberry) April 7, 2021

According to the on-board data logger of the SUV that Hyundai had loaned him during a tournament, Tiger Woods was driving at a speed "between 135 and 140 km / h" in a zone limited to 70. The golfer has " lost control ”in a slight downhill turn off a boulevard in Rancho Palos Verdes, an upscale suburb of southern Los Angeles.

His vehicle touched the central reservation, crossed two lanes in the opposite direction, struck a tree at 120 km / h then carried out a “pirouette” forwards before coming to a stop in the bushes 60 meters further on.

In a panic, the golfer apparently stepped on the accelerator instead of the brake pedal.

No witness, no report

According to Sheriff Villanueva, Tiger Woods did not have a report because in California, an offense must be observed "by an independent witness or a police officer".

If no blood test has been taken, it is because a police officer must have a "probable cause" for doing so.

However, according to the first agent to arrive on the scene, there was "no smell of alcohol", of an open bottle or of a box of medicines in the car.

Could Tiger Woods have been distracted by his smartphone?

Authorities did not ask for a search warrant to check his phone.

As the accident did not involve another person, it is in fact considered a simple offense and not a crime.

In the end, the golfer probably survived thanks to his seat belt and the deployment of the airbag.

Successfully operated for “multiple open fractures” in his right leg which required inserting a metal rod into the tibia and screws to consolidate the bones of the foot and ankle, he continues to recover at home.

Before attempting another unlikely return.


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