Louise Hansson, 24, was forced to leave her college studies when the corona pandemic broke out.

A tough blow when she suddenly had to withdraw from the United States.

First it was Sweden.

But then she ended up in Loughborough in the middle of England instead.

A move and a new training environment that has done her good.

- Before, in the US, there were speed passes, on speed passes, on speed passes.

I can barely count the number of rest sessions it was in four years, it was always something fast.

In England we have slowed down and have three or four sessions a week which we really have as a main session.

Now that I do not drive max on every session, I feel that I can step up.

"It's nice to know"

She has not competed officially since the International Swimming League (ISL) in November 2020. But she has shown a message of form.

At a test race in England, she pulled off a fine personal best - she broke below the 57 limit.

- 56.99.

The first time under 57, so it was very fun, she says.

How did you feel then?

- Attans, it does not apply, haha, says Louise Hansson.

- No, it's nice to know that I can do it, it has felt like I'm heading in the right direction.

Took four titles

Little sister Sophie Hansson is also competing in the Swim Open in Stockholm.

She too is full of confidence.

Sophie Hansson took the grand slam at NCAA competitions in the USA at the end of March.

There were four titles.

Never before has a Swedish swimmer won so many titles in one and the same NCAA final.

In the 100-yard breaststroke, she hit 57.23 - the third fastest time ever in the NCAA context.

- It's cool to hear, says Sophie Hansson.