The disappointment of Clément Milon, the keeper of Châteaubriant.



  • In the round of 16 of the Coupe de France, the Châteaubriant club (N2) eliminated by Montpellier after a defeat (0-1).

  • The Voltigeurs missed the boat in the first period by missing some great opportunities.

  • Florent Mollet scored the only goal with a magnificent free kick.

“He didn't miss much.

A small nothing even.

A deviation from Wandji from the second minute a little imprecise, two shots from Dafé (9th) and Fayolle (31st) too removed and a shot from Vernet not sufficiently crossed (33rd)… The Voltigeurs de Châteaubriant were taken out of the Coupe de France this Wednesday evening by bowing on the smallest of the margins (1-0) against Montpellier (Ligue 1).

In view of their missed opportunities in the first period, fans of N2 may find it difficult to close their eyes tonight.

Especially their coach Papy Leye, inexhaustible in front of the press to express his immense "disappointment".

“An honorable loss, I don't like it.

I would have preferred to take 5-0 and be upgraded.

The worst thing is having regrets.

There, I am in front of you and I have some.

It's obvious.

"The little improvised declaration of the mayor Alain Hunault did not console the charismatic coach of the Voltigeurs:" Papy Leye has the level Ligue 1 for football, and the European level at the human level.


Châteaubriant conceded almost no clear opportunity

The Châteaubriant season comes to an abrupt end because the N2 championship will not resume given the health context.

The Voltigeurs will have time to mull over this round of 16, during which Montpellier technically mastered the ball without creating any real chances… The goal also came from a set piece and not a constructed action.

“We made a mistake that we can avoid [fault of the very solid Wandji on Delort 30 m from the goal], we were however warned that they were strong on set pieces, says Papy Leye.

We can't afford that, it's unfortunate.

"A small detail that leads to an error that we pay cash", according to defender Dan Mukoko.

At more than 30 m almost full axis, Héraultais Florent Mollet rolled up the ball and left goalkeeper Clément Milon unresponsive.

"It started at an incredible speed, bravo to him", smiles the doorman from Castebri, who was scared on a failed air out (68th). 

The supporters (absent during the match) of @ Voltigeurs1907 are still singing ... despite the elimination in the Coupe de France

- David Phelippeau (@dphelippeau) April 7, 2021

Without ever losing the thread in the game with very good midfielders like Fayolle and Dafé, the Voltigeurs launched some offensive spikes, but much less sharp than in the first period.

"I would have liked to see if we had scored ...", rehashed Papy Leye thinking back to the first half.

The small family gathered on the balcony adjoining the stadium of the Wooden Town behind closed doors or the three or four fans climbed on the roof of a prefabricated building, no doubt too.

"It's frustration given the face of the match," observes captain David Vernet.

We had to be realistic, we weren't, but we don't have to be ashamed.

"The guys are going to go back to their jobs.

I will take mine back from the town hall.

We are proud to see the Nantes press and even the national press here.

We wanted everyone to know that even in rural areas, things work well.

»That Grandpa Leye is reassured everyone has seen him.


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