SSG, the most talked-about professional baseball team, won the opening 2 consecutive wins.

Joo-Hwan Choi, who hit two home runs in the opening game, hit a home run yesterday (6th).

This is reporter Lee Seong-hoon.


Choi Ju-hwan, who received a Korean beef gift from owner Jeong Yong-jin with two home runs in the opening game, proved his worth for two days in a row.

Hanwha and Hanwha faced 1-1 with a solo arch in the 3rd finals of the season, passing the right wall in the 6th inning, leading the home run alone.

SSG starter Park Jong-Hoon led the team to win 2-1 with 7 innings and 1 run point, increasing the record for the 2nd most streak against a specific team to 16 consecutive wins.

Coach Hanwha Subero was sent off for the first time on the Korean stage after a strong protest when an interpreter's mistake was thrown by Kang Jae-min instead of his intended main phenomenon in the process of changing pitchers in the 8th pitcher.

Lotte Lee Dae-ho led the team's first win with a bat and a kick.

He made an infield hit by sprinting in the 9th, which was a tie after hitting a full home run in the 3rd season, 1 RBI in 5 times, and 1 RBI in 5 times.

Here, Lotte split the game by scoring 5 points with Ji-wan Ji-wan's final hit and Han Dong-hee and Ahn Chi-hong's home run.

Fortunately, no fractures or bleeding were found in Lotte Machado, who fell down after being hit by a fastball.

KIA scored the finish line for the first time in the season, taking advantage of the ambiguous defense of left fielder Byeon Sang-kwon, Kiwoom Ki-woom in the 11th overtime.

LG's big foreign pitcher Suarez led the team's 2nd straight win by striking out 9 strikeouts up to the 6th inning against KT.

Doosan managed to win two consecutive games with Park Gun-woo's two consecutive home runs and center fielder Soo-Bin's fantastic lake rain, defeating Samsung in three consecutive games.