This autumn, a decision will be made on the issue.

If there is a yes to VAR, the system will be introduced in 2023 in the Allsvenskan at the earliest.

Opinions differ as to whether this is the right path for Swedish football.

The elite judges want to see WHERE and worry that they will slip behind if it is not implemented.

- Every country has it soon.

We know that we are losing competitiveness against the other judges on the international stage, says Stefan Johannesson, elite manager in the association's referee group.

He also says that the system does not exist primarily for the sake of the referees - but for the clubs.

- It was created to make it as fair as it can be for the clubs, says Johannesson.

"No interest left"

But from a club standpoint, VAR is treated with a cold hand - at least from the associations that have voted on it at their annual meetings.

As early as 2020, AIK, Djurgården, Hammarby and Malmö voted to work against Var.

This year, another six clubs have joined the crowd, including IFK Gothenburg and Elfsborg.

Swedish elite football (Sef), the interest organization for the Allsvenskan and the Superettan, has published an investigation into VAR which will form the basis for the association's decision.

In it, all interested parties have spoken - and from the supporters there is strong opposition.

"VAR will remove the emotions, the atmosphere and the spontaneity from football, and when that happens, there is no interest left in experiencing football on the spot," writes the Swedish Football Supporters' Union.

Karl-Erik Nilsson does not want to go into what the opposition means for this autumn's election.

He says that the clubs will have to take a stand again when a final proposal is on the table, which it is expected to do at the end of the summer.

- There is no doubt that the associations' opinion on this issue will be very, very decisive for the coming decisions, he says.

- If Swedish football does not want this, then we simply have to relate to it and accept it.

"Hard punch"

Viktor Adolfsson, supporter chairman of Djurgården's official supporter association Järnkaminerna, says that the club will work against VAR regardless of how the proposal is designed.

- Unlike many other countries, we (supporters) have had the opportunity to influence ourselves and I hope that it will be the decisive difference and that we avoid this, he says.

- It would be a pretty hard blow to the attractiveness of Swedish football.

Sef's Secretary General Mats Enquist understands the skepticism towards the system in its current form.

- The day that this (VAR) supports the feeling and experience around football instead of risking damaging it, then it is probably easier to make decisions like this, he says.