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This Monday, he is interested in a technology developed by the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany to promote road safety.

These are sensors, installed in the streets, which will be able to warn cars in the event of a risk of collision with a pedestrian or a bicycle.

The innovation of the day concerns road safety.

To avoid accidents with pedestrians or bicycles, we will soon have sensors in the streets, able to warn cars in the event of a risk of collision.

Today, in city centers, between scooters, scooters and pedestrians crossing anywhere, you have to have your eyes everywhere.

So to help motorists be more vigilant, we are starting to install kinds of radars on street lights, bus shelters and red lights.

They will monitor the paths and speeds of both pedestrians and bicycles.

And as soon as there is one that may cross the road of a car, all affected vehicles will receive an alert on their dashboard.

Emergency braking can even be triggered automatically.

This is a new approach to road safety.

By putting the detection system outside the vehicle, we put everyone on an equal footing.

It is no longer just the most expensive and best-equipped cars that will have the ability to detect a pedestrian or a bicycle in distress.

Do you still need equipment in the car to receive alerts?

Yes, but it will be much cheaper than installing cameras or proximity sensors in all cars.

As for the current models, they will be able to receive alerts, either via the RDS (traffic alert) function of the radio, or via an app on a mobile phone.

It will be much more accessible than the current systems, unfortunately reserved for the most high-end cars.

The technology was developed by the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany.

It could become mandatory on all cars.

It should be remembered that the European Parliament recommends limiting the speed to 30 km / h in town centers to limit the severity of accidents with pedestrians.