It has been turbulent days in Brynäs.

The SHL club, which is facing a fateful qualifier against HV71 to stay, fired the coaching duo Peter Andersson and Viktor Stråhle after the last basic series round against Oskarshamn.

But Stråhle found out via Aftonbladet's revelation.

- It's a disaster.

The leak itself made it (handling) completely unmanageable.

This is one of the things we take most seriously, the leak.

It has emerged as a large part of our analysis that we must become much more skilled at it, says Brynäs club director Michael Campese in C More's broadcast.

He believes that Brynäs needed to make a change before the qualifiers.

And the coaches who will now try to save Gävleklubben are Josef Boumedienne, head coach, and Nils Ekman, assistant.

The qualifiers start tomorrow, Tuesday, and it will be decided in the best of seven matches.