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My name is Jeroen van Barneveld and I will keep you informed of the developments in the Tour of Flanders.

Will Mathieu van der Poel win 'Flanders Most Beautiful' for the second year in a row?

  • Tour of Flanders

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  • 254 kilometers

  • With Van der Poel and Van Aert

  • Finish around 4.30 pm

in 6 days

Another 152 km 

- The first hill of the day in this Tour of Flanders follows: the Katteberg.

Are the top favorites going to test their legs on this 500-meter pimple?

in 6 days

in 6 days

Another 161 km 

- The riders will turn up the first cobblestone lane in this Tour of Flanders, the Lippenhovestraat and then the Paddestraat.

No difference will be made here, because the finish line in Oudenaarde is still a long way from here.

in 6 days

Cycling without a saddle is quite difficult for a rider, Stake Laengen is now also finding out.


Stake Laengen loses its saddle


Avatar Author Sporza 🚴Moment of places10: 19 - April 4, 2021

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Ronde is Wynants' last race

Maarten Wynants (Jumbo-Visma) is riding the last race of his career today.

"I have often been told that I have to enjoy it today. But now I am focused on the work that I have to do. I want to be in the front as long as possible, and then when my work is done, I will be in the last kilometers maybe enjoy it ", says Wout van Aert's 38-year-old helper.

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Another 166 km 

- What is this?

Vegard Stake Laengen of UAE Team Emirates is standing by with a bicycle without a saddle.

Apparently the piece of plastic has broken off and is picked up by a passer-by.

The Norwegian has to wait for a new bicycle.

in 6 days

Sagan does not mind that he is not a favorite

Three-time world champion Peter Sagan won only one race after his corona infection at a training camp for the season.

The Slovak does not mind that the public may not see him as a top favorite today.

"That's just someone's opinion," he said before the start.

"I'm here today, then you know enough. It's cold, but that's okay. As long as it's dry you won't hear me complain."

in 6 days

in 6 days

Another 179 km 

- The course continues a bit.

The lead of the seven refugees, including the Dutchman Mathijs Paasschens, fluctuates around ten minutes.

It's lunch time in the peloton.

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Mathieu van der Poel had his best days in his white 'wonder pants', but today he rides remarkably enough in a black one with long legs.

Could that be a sign on the wall as confirmation of its lesser form?

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Another 192 km 

- It will take a while before the riders get to grips with the hills in the Ardennes.

The first pimple, the Kattenberg, will follow in 40 kilometers.

Then another eighteen hills follow.

An overview:

  • Katteberg (at 152.1 kilometers from the finish)

  • Oude Kwaremont (122.6 kilometers from the finish)

  • Kortekeer (at 121.2 kilometers from the finish)

  • Eikenberg (at 114.9 kilometers from the finish)

  • Wolvenberg (at 111.8 kilometers from the finish)

  • Molenberg (at 101.9 kilometers from the finish)

  • Marlborough Street (at 97.9 kilometers from the finish)

  • Berendries (at 93.9 kilometers from the finish)

  • Valkenberg (88.5 kilometers from the finish)

  • Berg The Houte (76.1 kilometers from the finish)

  • Kanarieberg (at 70.6 kilometers from the finish)

  • Oude Kwaremont (54.6 kilometers from the finish)

  • Paterberg (at 51.2 kilometers from the finish)

  • Koppenberg (at 44.6 kilometers from the finish)

  • Steenbeekdries (at 39.2 kilometers from the finish)

  • Taaienberg (at 36.7 kilometers from the finish)

  • Kruisberg-Hotond (at 26.5 kilometers from the finish)

  • Oude Kwaremont (16.7 kilometers from the finish)

  • Paterberg (at 13.2 kilometers from the finish)

  • in 6 days

    196 km to go 

    - The peloton is not making much progress in this initial phase of the Tour of Flanders, which is reflected in the lead of seven front runners.

    The counter has now reached more than ten minutes.

    It is reason for leader Wout van Aert's Jumbo-Visma to put a man at the head of the peloton.

    in 6 days

    Another 201 km 

    - Renaat Schotte, the furious motorcycle reporter from


    , asks Alpecin rider Otto Vergaerde for a reaction to his disqualification after a mishap with Yevgeniy Fedorov.

    "It's a shame to let the team down like that. I've commented on what he did to me. The jury will probably want to set an example. This is sour."

    in 6 days

    in 6 days

    Another 203 km

    - There is a lot of consternation in the cycling caravan about the disqualifications of Otto Vergaerde (Alpecin-Fenix) and Yevgeniy Fedorov (Astana).

    Vergaerde sees an angry finger from Astana's team leaders car and Fedorov fiercely complains to the jury car.

    It makes no sense, they have both already been taken off course.

    in 6 days

    The images of the incident between Otto Vergaerde, Mathieu van der Poel's helper, and Yevgeniy Fedorov.

    Vergaerde gives a pounding to Fodorov after he wants to increase the pace in the peloton, after which Fodorov brakes in reprisal for Vergaerde.

    Both riders have been taken off course.


    #RVVmen Fedorov and Vergaerde have to stop racing.

    And this is the reason for their disqualification.

    # RVV21


    Avatar Author Rond Van Vlaanderen Moment of places 09: 17 - 4 April 2021

    in 6 days

    210 km to go 

    - A setback for Mathieu van der Poel.

    His teammate Otto Vergaerde has been taken off course by the jury after he cut Yevgeniy Fedorov of Astana at the start of the course.

    A helper less for the Dutch top favorite.

    Fedorov also has to get off.

    in 6 days

    Van Baarle: 'Maybe ruined for myself'

    Dylan van Baarle fears that he cannot just drive away in this Tour of Flanders.

    The South Hollander won the semi-classic Dwars door Vlaanderen on Wednesday after a solo of more than 50 kilometers.

    "Maybe I screwed up for myself," he says with a broad grin at the



    "I have to do it at a smart time now. It can also work to my advantage."

    in 6 days

    Another 214 km 

    - A striking moment in the course: Greg Van Avermaet gets off in a village to give his wife and children a kiss.

    This way they still get some time and attention on Easter Sunday.

    in 6 days

    in 6 days

    Another 220 km - 

    Nico Denz and Hugo Houle are joining, so the leading group now consists of seven riders.

    For an overview again the names:

    • Stefan Bissegger (EF Education-NIPPO)

    • Nico Denz (Team DSM)

    • Hugo Houle (Astana)

    • Jelle Wallays (Cofidis)

    • Mathias Norsgaard (Movistar)

    • Mathijs Paasschens (Bingoal Pauwels Sauces)

    • Fabio Van Den Bossche (Sport Flanders-Baloise)

    in 6 days

    222 km to go 

    - It is now going fast with the lead of the five refugees.

    They have been ahead of the peloton for almost five minutes.

    The five seem to be reinforced by Nico Denz and Hugo Houle, because the two pursuers have the front group in their sights.

    in 6 days

    Now that the leading group is a fact, we take a closer look at the five front runners here.

    First of all, our attention is focused on the Dutchman Mathijs Paasschens.

    The rider of Bingoal Pauwels Sauces is 25 years old and a professional three years old. He has never won a race.

    Of the four others, Jelle Wallays (Cofidis) is the best known name.

    The Belgian has already won eight races, including a Vuelta stage, Dwars door Vlaanderen and Paris-Tours.

    in 6 days

    Another 229 km 

    - The first quitter in this 105th edition of the Tour of Flanders is a fact.

    Ryan Mullen of Trek-Segafredo, the team of the Dutchman Koen de Kort, is struggling with back pain and got into the car.

    That is a loss for the American formation, because four-time Irish time trial champion Mullen is quite a pacemaker.

    in 6 days

    Another 233 km 

    - The peloton will hoist the white flag and so the five front runners will dominate the image in the Tour of Flanders for the time being.

    They now have a lead of more than one minute.

    Nico Denz (DSM) and Hugo Houle (Astana) still counterattack, but that looks more like a well-known 'chasse fries'.

    in 6 days

    in 6 days

    Mathieu van der Poel thinks it is all fine and spares his strength in the tail of the peloton.

    in 6 days

    Another 238 km 

    - The leading group is getting further and further ahead of the peloton and is now enjoying a lead of just under forty seconds.

    These are the names of the five escapees:

    • Stefan Bissegger (EF Education-NIPPO)

    • Jelle Wallays (Cofidis)

    • Mathias Norsgaard (Movistar)

    • Mathijs Paasschens (Bingoal Pauwels Sauces)

    • Fabio Van den Bossche (Sport Flanders-Baloise)

    in 6 days

    Another 239 km 

    - Consternation in the peloton.

    An Astana rider swerves from left to right across the road and cuts off a colleague from BORA-hansgrohe.

    The latter raises his hands to heaven.

    in 6 days

    Another 243 km 

    - The flight of the day is slowly taking shape, as the five front runners extend their lead to twenty seconds.

    One of the five is the Dutchman Mathijs Paasschens.

    He is employed by the Belgian team Bingoal Pauwels Sauces.

    in 6 days

    Another 247 km 

    - Stefan Bissegger, a rider from, yes, EF Education-NIPPO, has put the fuse in the powder keg and gets four other riders in his wake.

    Is this the flight of the day?

    The peloton does not immediately accept that.

    in 6 days

    Another 250 km 

    - There is a fierce battle going on for the flight of the day.

    Especially the riders of EF Education-NIPPO are very diligent in the opening phase of this Tour of Flanders, but they don't get any space from the peloton.

    in 6 days

    These are the last ten winners of the Tour of Flanders:


    Mathieu van der Poel


    Alberto Bettiol


    Niki Terpstra


    Philippe Gilbert


    Peter Sagan


    Alexander Kristoff


    Fabian Cancellara


    Fabian Cancellara


    Tom Boonen


    Nick Nuyens

    in 6 days

    Another 254 km 

    - After the flag signal from the race director, there is immediate war at the front of the peloton.

    Several riders try to form the flight of the day, but they don't get much space.

    Mathieu van der Poel is not concerned about it.

    He rides at the back of the group, leisurely.

    in 6 days


    The race director waves the flag.

    The 105th edition of the Tour of Flanders has definitely started.

    Which rider is the first to try his luck?

    in 6 days

    Van Aert: 'Ready to win'

    Today, the pressure of the Belgian nation rests on the shoulders of Wout van Aert, the eternal rival of Mathieu van der Poel.

    He says before the start that he is ready to win.

    "I am certainly as good as last year", says the leader of Jumbo-Visma at


    . "Then it was the end of a long season.

    I do feel that I am more mentally ready for it.

    I have been able to work more towards this. "

    in 6 days

    Van der Poel tempering high expectations

    Mathieu van der Poel tempered

    high expectations

    prior to the start in Antwerp.

    "I can have a good day, but I've worked less towards it than last year. We'll see," he said at 



    According to him, his bad day last Wednesday in Dwars door Vlaanderen did not mean that he cannot go for the victory today.

    "I think I was bothered by the heat. A lot of other riders were also bothered by it. It is not very cold today. It will be pleasant weather to race towards the final."

    in 6 days

    Our reporter Bart van Dooijeweert and colleague Daan de Ridder are present at the Tour of Flanders and shows how the starting shot just sounded in Antwerp for the 105th edition of the Tour of Flanders.


    The 175 riders are on their way #rondevanvlaanderen


    Author Bart van Dooijeweert Moment of places 08: 02 - April 4, 2021

    in 6 days


    The starting shot was given by the mayor of Antwerp.

    The riders have started the 105th edition of the Tour of Flanders.

    After a neutral zone of 10 kilometers, the race director shows the flag for the official start.

    in 6 days

    This is the route of this year's Tour of Flanders.

    After a neutral zone of 10 kilometers, the riders will turn up the 254-kilometer course from Antwerp to Oudenaarde, where they will conquer the Oude Kwaremont three times, among other things.

    The Muur van Geraardsbergen is also missing this year due to the corona measures.

    The organization is afraid that too many people will stand on the iconic hill.

    in 6 days

    The whole of Flanders is looking forward to this day, April 4, 2021, or the day of High Mass: the Tour of Flanders.

    Despite the absence of public on the side, it promises to be another spectacular day, with the titan fight between Mathieu van der Poel and Wout van Aert.

    Last year Van der Poel won after a thriller on a tape thickness of Van Aert.

    What will it be this year?

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