The first round of the women's golf overseas major tournament, the first round of this season, was held in California, USA on the 2nd, and 19-year-old Yuka Saso and 22-year-old Yuka Saso took the lead with a total of 4 unders and 5 strokes. I was in the 12th place of the difference.

Kawamoto, who came out of 30th place, increased his score by 3 with 4 birdies and 1 bogey, and moved up to 12th place, 5 strokes behind the lead, with a total of 4 under.

Sasao, who started from 8th place, went around with 4 birdies and 3 bogies to increase his score by 1, but his ranking dropped to 12th place.

Sasao said, "It feels like all the putters have done the job. I want to concentrate and do my best for another two days."

Kawamoto said, "I was able to pick up a par even in a pinch. I want to play carefully so that it doesn't collapse on weekends."

Nasa Hataoka, who was late on the first day, increased her score by three and moved up from 93rd to 44th in the even par.

Hinako Shibuno dropped two scores and did not advance to the final round with a total of two overs and less than one shot to pass the qualifying.

Ayako Uehara had a total of 5 overs, Haru Nomura had a total of 6 overs, and Erika Hara had a total of 9 overs.

Thai Patty Tabatanakit is defending the lead with a total of 9 under.