Ligue 2, 31st day: Grenoble and Châteauroux draw 2-2 -

20 minutes

The Stade des Alpes hosted Grenoble and Châteauroux for this match of the 31st day of Ligue 2. This confrontation was close and resulted in a draw, with a score of 2 to 2. The two teams started the match in 4- 2-3-1.

The first goal of this meeting was scored by Djitté on a service from Mombris in the 25th.

Then, in the 31st and on a serve from Semedo, Grenoble scored a new goal through Benet.

The Castelroussains returned to the mark in the 36th thanks to Ibara Doniama, on a pass from Chouaref.

The referee whistled the end of the first half with a score of 2-1.

Finally, Tormin avoided a defeat for his team, equalizing in the 54th.

The referee handed out a yellow card to Tapoko, Benet, Ravet and Monfray.

Sunu's red card in the 26th forced him to join the locker room.

Grenoble remains in 4th position, ahead of Clermont Foot.

Following this match, Châteauroux keeps its 20th position.

Grenoble and Châteauroux: the next matches

For its next match, Grenoble will face Caen at the Stade des Alpes on April 10 at 8 p.m. for the next day.

For its part, Châteauroux will meet USL Dunkerque on the same day at exactly the same time, at the Gaston-Petit stadium.

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The meeting in brief

Grenoble - Châteauroux: 2-2 (2-1 at half-time)

In Grenoble (Stade des Alpes), April 3, kick off at 8 p.m.

Châteauroux trainer: Marco Simone

Composition of Châteauroux: Tommy Plumain (50), Christopher Operi (21), Thibaut Vargas (8), Yannick Joseph M'Bone (3), Opa Sanganté (19), Romain Grange (15), Rémi Mulumba (4) (then Alexandre Raineau in the 46th), Ilyas Chouaref (25) (then Abdoulrazak Boukari in the 71st), Gilles Sunu (18), Prince Vinny Ibara Doniama (13) (then Ange-Yoan Bonny in the 88th), Guévin Tormin (10)

Grenoble coach: Philippe Hinschberger

Composition from Grenoble: Esteban Salles (30), Jérôme Mombris (23), Loïc Nestor (14), Jordy Gaspar (12), Adrien Monfray (5), Kévin Tapoko (26), Yoric Ravet (22) (then Anthony Belmonte in the 88th), Jessy Benet (21) (then David Henen in the 87th), Charles Pickel (6), Willy Semedo (7) (then Marcellin Achille Anani in the 63rd), Moussa Djitté (2) (then Bart Straalman in the 81st)

Goals: Djitté (25th), Benet (31st), Ibara Doniama (36th), Tormin (54th)

Warnings: Ravet (18th), Tapoko (40th), Benet (40th), Monfray (74th) for Grenoble

Expelled players: Sunu (26th) for Châteauroux

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