A strong Nashville had taken the lead with 2-0 at home against Chicago even though it was the guests who led the game, and the atmosphere was at its best for the scattered fans in the arena.

But then Viktor Arvidsson collided with a Chicago player and lay down, and the arena became completely silent.

Arvidsson had stretched to try to snatch the puck from a player, and was very low.

Then he went in with his head in front of the stomach of a Chicago player.

He lay down for a while before he got help from Calle Järnkrok and Ryan Johansen to the booth where he went directly to the locker room.

- He holds his head down and does not see.

It is an involuntary collision, says SVT Sports expert Mikael Renberg.

The match leads Nashville 2-0 after two periods.

You can watch the match on SVT 24 or in the player below.

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Nashville Predators - Chicago Blackhawks Photo: SVT