The first round of this season's major overseas women's golf tournament began on the 1st in California, USA, and 19-year-old Yuka Saso finished in 8th place, 3 strokes behind the lead.

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, the tournament was held without spectators following last year, and seven Japanese players have participated.

Of these, Sasao got off to a good start with four birdies and one bogey under 3 and 8th, 3 strokes behind the lead.

Sasao said, "I was nervous, but I was able to play calmly. I'm glad that the putt came in early."

Yui Kawamoto was 30th with 1 under, and Hinako Shibuno was 49th with even par.

In addition, Ayako Uehara was 70th with 1 over, Toshikyo Nomura was 85th with 2 overs, Nasa Hataoka was 93rd with 3 overs, and Erika Hara was 116th with 6 overs.

Thailand's Patty Tabatanakit took the lead with a 6-under, one stroke behind second place.