Major League Baseball will start on the 2nd of Japan time.

As for Japanese players, Yu Darvish and Kenta Maeda will be assigned as the opening pitchers of the team, respectively, and Shohei Ohtani, who is aiming for a dual wield revival, will first face the opening game as a batter.

Darvish was the first Japanese player to win the title last season and transferred to the Padres off, and was suddenly nominated as the opening pitcher in the first year of the new world.

This is the second time Darvish has been the opening pitcher in the Major Leagues and will start against the Diamondbacks at home.

In addition, pitcher Maeda, who is in the second year of the Twins, will also serve as the opening pitcher for the first time in the major leagues against Brewers.

It is the second time in four years that two Japanese pitchers will serve as the opening pitchers in the same year, and it will be interesting to see what kind of pitching the two Japanese pitchers will show in the first match of this year.

Otani, who is in his fourth year at Angels, is doing well, with a batting average of over 50% in the open game, and in the opening game, he aims to revive the dual wield style of throwing as a batter.

This year, Kohei Arihara will be transferred to the Rangers and Hirokazu Sawamura will be transferred to the Red Sox from Japan, and eight Japanese players will open in the major leagues.

NHK will broadcast the games started by Yu Darvish from 5 am on the 2nd and the games in which Otani will participate from 11:00 am on BS1.