Sven Tumba, or Sven Johansson as he was called from the beginning, was unique in Swedish sports as a national team player in both ice hockey, football and golf.

Between 1953 and 1963, Sven Tumba participated and took, among other things, three World Cup gold medals in ice hockey, eight Swedish Championship gold medals in ice hockey with Djurgården and one Swedish Championship gold in football, also with Djurgården.

Sven Tumba was a national idol with a charisma that made everything from the standing room audience to the royal family melt.

The filmmaker, and one of Sweden's most popular sports voices and narrator, Jens Lind, has made the documentary about Sven Tumba's life and career.

The documentary, which is shown in two parts, not only depicts Tumba's great sports career, but is also a versatile and unvarnished portrait of the life behind the headlines.

 - I received many boxes with unsorted material from the Tumba family and Mona's Nessim family.

The more I learned about Sven and Mona's life, the more engrossed I became in their family stories.

Especially the movies that no one had seen in more than 50 years made a big impression on me.

I have spent a lot of time in the film archive but I have never come across a similar treasure!

It meant that a bygone era could come to life, says the filmmaker Jens Lind about the documentary.

Sven Tumba died in 2011, aged 80.

This is how SVT broadcasts the documentary Tumba - A family story:

Thursday 22 April at 20.00 In SVT1 - part 1: The Idol

Thursday 29 April at 20.00 in SVT1 - part 2: "You can not change a person"