The final of Senbatsu High School Baseball will be held on the 1st, and Tokai University Sagami High School in Kanagawa, which is aiming for the third victory in the spring, and Meitoyo High School in Oita, which is aiming for the first victory, will play against each other.

Tokai University Sagami is the first final in 10 years since 2011 when he won the championship.

Ace pitcher Shun Ishida shut out in two games, and the team's goal was only "1" throughout the tournament.

The pitchers are demonstrating their strength.

Captain Rui Otsuka, who is the key to offense and defense, has been absent since the quarter-finals due to acute gastroenteritis, but the fielders also showed high team strength with strong defense and strong batting, and have won.

Meiho, on the other hand, is the first final in the spring and summer.

Even the succession of three pitchers of different types, such as pitcher Torajiro Ota, who started in the semi-finals, has no error and no chance in four games.

We have played games within two points against the strong schools that won the district tournament last fall, such as Chiben Gakuen and Chukyo University Chukyo High School.

Tokai University Sagami, who is aiming for the third victory for the first time in 10 years, or Akira, who is aiming for the first victory through spring and summer.

The notable final is from 0:30 pm on the 1st.