Next month, Yuzuru Hanyu, who finished 3rd in the men's singles of the World Championship, will participate in the world championship men's singles for the first time in two tournaments. I did.

The World Team Trophy is an international competition held once every two years, in which teams are formed in each country in four events: men's and women's singles, pairs, and ice dance to compete for ranking.

This year's tournament will be held in Osaka from the 15th of next month with the participation of six countries. In Japan, the

men's singles are

▼ Hanyu,

▼ Shoma Uno, and the

women's singles are

▼ Rika Kihira,

▼ Sakamoto. Kaori will


The pair will be

▼ Riku Miura and Ryuichi Kihara, and the

ice dance will be

▼ Misato Komatsubara and Takashi Komatsubara


Meanwhile, Nathan Chen, who won the world championship for the third time in a row at this month's world championship, will participate in the American men's singles, and Anna Shelvakova, who won the women's single for the first time in Russia, will participate.