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Bibian Mentel passed away on Monday at the age of 48.

The three-time Paralympic snowboard champion was diagnosed with cancer twelve times in the past 20 years and made a continuous recovery, but this time there was no chance of a cure.

"Rest in peace dear Bibian, dear mama, dear daughter, dear darling. We will never forget you", Mentel's family wrote on Instagram on Monday evening.

At the beginning of March it became known that new metastases had been discovered in the brain in Mentel.

A treatment plan was no longer possible and doctors advised her to start by saying goodbye to her loved ones.

Last Tuesday, Mentel opened her own Cruyff Court at De Hoogstraat Rehabilitation in Utrecht.

It was the last time she showed herself in the open.

"It's fantastic that I was able to open my own court myself," she said.

Mentel, multiple Dutch snowboard champion in the halfpipe and snowboard cross parts, was operated on her back at the end of 2020.

During the operation, a piece of vertebra that was damaged by a tumor was removed.

She was in a wheelchair during the last period of her life.

Bibian Mentel's life in pictures

Bibian Mentel (second from right) in 2000 as a young snowboarder with the Dutch team.

She then hopes to participate in the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City.


In 2008 Mentel shows her artificial leg specially designed for snowboarding.


During the Paralympic Games in Sochi in 2014, Mentel took gold on Snowboardcross.


Mentel shows her gold medal upon arrival at Schiphol.


Mentel (right next to the king) after the 2014 Paralympic Games © ANP

In 2014 and 2018, Mentel was voted Paralympic Sportsperson of the Year.


In 2018, Mentel took gold twice at the Paralympic Games in Pyeongchang.


Mentel and her partner Edwin Spee and the two golden slices of Pyeongchang.


Bibian Mentel and Ireen Wust in 2018. © ANP

© 2019 Mentel

Mentel captured three Paralympic titles

Twenty years ago Mentel first had to deal with bone cancer.

It resulted in her lower leg having to be amputated.

The disease kept returning, but time and again Mentel managed to recover and also excel at a winter sport.

Mentel hoped one day to make it to the Olympics, but after her leg amputation she excelled at the Paralympic Games.

As a paralympic snowboarder, Mentel won Olympic gold three times: once in Sochi in 2014 (snowboard cross) and twice in Pyeongchang in 2018 (snowboard cross and banked slalom).

The multiple world champion, who carried the Dutch flag at the opening ceremonies in both Sochi and Pyeongchang, was elected Paralympic Sportsperson of the Year at the Sports Gala in both years.

Mentel ended her career at the end of 2018. She then committed herself to her Mentelity Foundation, which aims to get children and young adults with a disability into sports.

In 2019, Mentel ended up in a wheelchair as a result of an incomplete spinal cord injury, which she sustained during an operation on a tumor in her back.

The snowboarder participated in that wheelchair in the TV show

Dancing with the Stars

, in which she reached the final.

Bibian Mentel 1972 - 2021❤️🙏🏼


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