Pitcher Shun Yamaguchi, who participated in the Giants camp as an invited player in the major leagues, has been demoted to the minor league camp.

According to the announcement of the baseball team on the 28th, pitcher Yamaguchi was demoted from a major league camp to a minor league camp under the umbrella, which also removed him from the 26 players who can enter the bench from the opening in the major league. That is.

In February, 33-year-old pitcher Yamaguchi became a free contract from the Blue Jays shortly after moving to the United States for the camp, and then signed a minor contract with the Giants to participate in the camp as an invited player.

In the open game, he has thrown 6 innings in 4 games so far, leaving 1 goal and a result, but he could not win the big league bench entry from the opening.

From now on, I will mainly continue to make adjustments in the minor leagues and aim for promotion during the season, or I will look for a way to cancel the contract with the Giants and transfer to another team.