F1 officially released the game poster.

  Chinanews.com, March 29. In the early morning of the 29th, Beijing time, the F1 new season opener ended with the Bahrain Grand Prix.

After a wonderful offense and defense, the Mercedes driver Hamilton, who started from second, won the championship with difficulty.

Red Bull driver Verstappen, who started from pole position, regretted finishing second, and Hamilton's teammate Bottas finished third.

  In the past few seasons, the Mercedes team and driver Hamilton have shown strong dominance in F1.

Last season, the Mercedes team became the first team in F1 history to complete seven consecutive championships.

Hamilton also successfully won the drivers' championship, tying the "Car King" Schumacher with seven drivers' championships in his career.

  But in this season, they seem to have encountered some challenges.

In the qualifying session the day before the race, Red Bull driver Verstappen completed the fastest lap of the game at 1:28.997 at the last minute and won the first shot of the season with a score of 0.388 ahead of Hamilton.

On March 29th, Beijing time, the Bahrain Grand Prix of the 2021 F1 season kicked off at the Sakhir circuit. The picture shows the start of the race. The drivers started from the starting point and Verstappen started on pole position.

  After the race started, Verstappen held the lead and Hamilton followed closely behind.

At the beginning of the race, Haas driver Ma Zeping slid out when cornering, the car stopped on the edge of the track, and the safety car was dispatched afterwards.

  The safety car was evacuated on lap 4, the race resumed, and Verstappen continued to maintain the lead.

On lap 18, Verstappen pitted and put on yellow tires. After leaving the station, he was temporarily second, behind Hamilton.

  On lap 29, Hamilton pitted for hard tyres and completed two stops.

On lap 40, Verstappen pitted in and took 1.9 seconds, 8.5 seconds behind Hamilton.

On March 29, Beijing time, the Bahrain Grand Prix of the 2021 F1 season kicked off at the Sakhir circuit. Mercedes and Red Bull competed fiercely in the race. In the end, Hamilton took the lead with 0.7 seconds to cross the line. , Won the championship in Bahrain.

The picture shows Hamilton celebrating after the game.

  On lap 42, Verstappen completed the fastest lap, and he was still 6.4 seconds away from Hamilton.

On the tenth lap from the bottom, Verstappen had chased him within 4 seconds of Hamilton.

On lap 51, Verstappen had caught up within 1 second.

  On lap 53, Verstappen succeeded in overtaking Hamilton, but was out of the white line in four rounds when overtaking. So soon Hamilton returned to the first place. In the end, Hamilton successfully held the lead and won the first championship of the season. Verstappen regretted finishing second and Bottas third. (Finish)