On the 28th of Sumo Spring Basho Chiakiraku, Terunofuji Sekiwake, who is aiming to return to Ozeki, won the championship for the third time since July last year with 12 wins and 3 losses.

The Japan Sumo Association has decided to hold an extraordinary board meeting for Terunofuji's promotion to Ozeki after the spring, ensuring that Terunofuji will return to Ozeki for the first time in 21 places.

This is the reaction of the people involved in sumo wrestling.

Mr. Hachikaku "Experience is the most stable"

Terunofuji, who won the championship for the third time, said, "I was stable from the first day. I felt like I was going to win. Today's sumo was not impatient and I was calm." Did.

In response to the fact that Ozeki's return was certain, he expected that "if you are careful about your physical condition, you will be able to work as Ozeki. From experience, it is the most stable."

Isegahama Stable Director "It's fine"

Regarding Terunofuji, who won the championship for the third time and made sure to return to Ozeki, Isegahama stable said that "it has not been officially decided yet" and declined to mention the return to Ozeki.

As a teacher of Terunofuji, he said, "I said that my knees hurt on the 10th day, but I'm getting better while taking painkillers and treating myself. I'm glad I won the championship today. It was. "