The Sumo Spring Basho will be Chiakiraku on the 28th, and if Sekiwake / Terunofuji, who is the sole leader with 3 losses, beats Ozeki / Takakeishō, the third victory will be decided.

On the 14th day of the 27th, Sekiwake and Terunofuji, who were lined up at the top, beat Ozeki and Asanoyama, while Koyui and Takayasu lost to Shosaru of the flat curtain.

As a result, Terunofuji took the lead alone with 3 losses, and Ozeki / Takakeishō, Koyui / Takayasu, and Aoiyama of the flat curtain were chased by one star difference.

Terunofuji will face Takakeishō in Chiakiraku on the 28th, and if he wins, he will be the third champion since last July.

In the past match between the two, Terunofuji lost with 1 win and 2 losses.

Terunofuji, where we are now, shows the tenacity to stay even after losing his position, in addition to the pressured sumo wrestling and powerful throwing.

I would like to bring it to my four strengths and decide to win the championship in a rock-solid sumo wrestling.

As Takakeishō, it is necessary to attack quickly with a sharp start before the opponent is in a sufficient shape, and I would like to grab a white star and bring it to the championship deciding match.

Takayasu and Aoiyama are a match between 4 losses.

Takayasu changed from a single top with two consecutive losses in the final stage, and his own victory disappeared.

However, depending on the result of Terunofuji, I would like to give a white star just to advance to the championship deciding match.