Kenta Maeda, who is the opening pitcher of this season in the Major League Baseball Twins, pitched well on the 26th with no runs in the last open game before the opening.

Maeda, who will be the first pitcher in the sixth year of the Major League Baseball, started the open game against the Braves in Florida on the 26th as the last pitching before the opening.

On this day, Twins bench coach Bell coach died of kidney cancer at the young age of 46, and pitcher Maeda also offered a silence on the mound before the match.

In the game, he took a pinch of first base and third base with consecutive hits from 2 outs once, but he got through by hitting the 5th batter to the third fly.

From the second inning onward, he effectively used the slider, which he is good at, to keep the opponent's hit line to one hit, and tossed four times to keep the hit to three and took four strikeouts, and got off the mound without any runs.

Pitcher Maeda threw 18 innings and one-third innings in five open games, one goal, one walk and an outstanding sense of stability suitable for the opening pitcher, and with perfect adjustment, the opening with Brewers on the 1st of next month We will have a war.

After the match, pitcher Maeda said, "I couldn't believe it when I heard the coach's news before the match, but when I silenced on the mound, I felt it was a reality. Anyway, I can do a wonderful match that I can do hard. I faced it like that. "

After that, he talked about his enthusiasm for the opening pitcher for the first time in the major leagues, saying, "I have made good adjustments, so I want to go up to the opening mound in a good condition while doing my routine for another 5 days." Did.