First he impressed the fans on the lawn, then on the microphone.

Leon Goretzka was one of the best in the German national team's 3-0 (2-0) win against Iceland, after the final whistle he spoke about the World Cup host Qatar, who had been criticized for disregarding human rights.

“We want to make it clear to society that we are not ignoring this.

But that we clearly state what the conditions are, "said the 26-year-old, explaining the team's action before the qualifying game for the tournament in winter 2022 kicked off. Qatar did not name Goretzka, but the message was clear.

The players had worn T-shirts that read "Human Rights" next to each other.

Many praised it on social media.

What the action is worth remains to be seen.

"This action in the national team sends an important signal for the situation in Qatar and increases the pressure on the government," said spokesman Wolfgang Büttner of Human Rights Watch

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Goretzka has developed into a leading player.

With Joshua Kimmich, his colleague from FC Bayern, and Ilkay Gündogan from Manchester City, he determined the pace and the statics of the German game on Thursday evening in Duisburg in the 4-3-3 system.

Kimmich, who was injured in the desperate 6-0 draw against Spain at the end of last year, proved against Iceland that he is the heart of this national team.

Kimmich played over 160 passes


He played more passes in the first half (91) than all Icelanders put together (90), in the end he made over 160 passes and prepared two goals.

Goretzka (1-0, 3rd minute of the game) and Gündogan (3-0, 56th) each scored themselves, Kai Havertz scored the 2-0 (7th).

For Goretzka it was the 13th goal in his 30th international match.

When cheering, he hit the federal eagle on his jersey with his fist.

He was one of those that national coach Joachim Löw wanted to see: key players who loudly give their colleagues instructions and take responsibility.

Uli Hoeneß, who analyzed an international match for the first time as an RTL expert, called the midfield “the showpiece” of the team.

“This is something that the others in Europe don't have,” emphasized the honorary president of FC Bayern.

"That was a dynamic, lively start"

The DFB team prevailed 3-0 against Iceland in the first qualifying game for the 2022 World Cup.

Coach Joachim Löw is very satisfied with the performance of his team.

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Löw has to do without the injured Toni Kroos from Real Madrid on this international trip.

Kroos' absence was not noticeable.

The top players available to him are unevenly distributed in terms of position, to Löw's chagrin: In defense, especially outside, and in attack he could use more - in midfield, however, he is spoiled for choice.

"The midfield was doing very well," said Löw after winning the first international match of the year.

“All three players were extremely safe on the ball and often playable.

That was a pound. "


The world number 46.

Iceland is not the benchmark for the German team.

But after the Spain debacle there was a significant increase “What has been missing in the last few games and what we have firmly resolved to do: that you can see it on the pitch, that we bring this passion to play for our country .

That there are eleven guys on the pitch who are really up for it, ”said Goretzka.

In May, Löw will be called up for the EM planned for the summer.

"He will be spoiled for choice when everyone is healthy, maybe Thomas Müller will also join," said Hoeneß.

At FC Bayern, they expect Löw to bring back the world champion, who was kicked out in 2019.

The competition in midfield is enormous, Germany can mainly play a 4-3-3- or 4-2-3-1, Serge Gnabry and Leroy Sané convince as outside attackers.

For Löw, Kroos apparently remains set in any case.

“Why should Toni Kroos have to fear for his place?

He's a world-class player who also shapes our team, ”said the national coach.

Whether Kroos has to be set is likely to be discussed further in the months leading up to the European Championship due to the oversupply of top players in midfield.

The 31-year-old is currently playing very well at Real, and no professional in the Spanish league creates more chances than him.

Löw - as the past has shown time and again - is very loyal to players he values.

Kroos has 101 internationals.


Gündogan also shows world-class performances after surviving a corona infection.

In January and February he was named the best player in the Premier League.

“What Ilkay is currently doing is unbelievable,” said defender Antonio Rüdiger to “Bild”: “We're talking about what is currently the best German player for me.

Ilkay was already complete, now there was also the risk of scoring. ”Gündogan leads City's internal goalscorer list with 16 goals in 34 competitive games.

"Ilkay is an exceptionally good strategist," said Löw.

"It's good if he plays a little further ahead for us."

In terms of player type, Gündogan and Kroos are most similar, Goretzka impresses with his physique and dynamism as a “box-to-box player”.

At the moment, there are many indications that Gündogan will only move into the starting line-up if the national coach Kimmich withdraws to the right defender position.

Löw sees Kimmich as too important in midfield so far.

However, if Gündogan continues to maintain his form, a rethink does not seem to be ruled out.

On Thursday evening Löw said at least: “There are different constellations.

You have to think about that again in May. "

Musiala on debut - "Very big moment"

Jamal Musiala made his debut for the German national team in the 3-0 win against Iceland.

The 18-year-old is overjoyed after the successful World Cup qualification start.

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The cleverest arrangement and alignment in midfield should be one of his greatest challenges for him before he will step down after the EM.

In addition to Kimmich, Goretzka, Gündogan and Kroos, Florian Neuhaus from Borussia Mönchengladbach is also available here.

Does Müller still fit into the team?

“I will answer this question when I am nominated in May”, said Löw after the win against Iceland.

On Saturday he flies with the team to Bucharest.

On Sunday (8.45 p.m., RTL) it will meet Romania in the second World Cup qualifier before the game against North Macedonia on Wednesday in Duisburg at the end of this trip.

Two opportunities for the glamorous midfield trio to continue playing for the EM.