[Gollum] Chukdeok Sukdeok 119: In fact, there are only 3 main players...

Limp haniljeon? (Feat. Park Ji-soo, handball careful!)

Son Heung-Min Lee, Jae - Sung Hwang Hee-chan followed until week three kinds gimminjae and Yoon Bit-garam prize ... um

haniljeon the squad was finally completed through several modifications. 

It was the 80th rivalry in history and the first A match this year, but the key players were missing from Korea and Japan!

There are actually only three players to play for Bento: goalkeeper Jo Hyun-woo, central defender Kim Young-kwon, and midfielder Jung Woo-young (large). 

It is evaluated that it is close to the second group, but one day before one day is one day before one day.

Will we be able to achieve a thrilling victory?

In the sixth round of the K-League, we analyzed the performances of the'U-22 Goalkeepers' who are blowing new breezes into the K-League at the beginning of the season, with unusual changes one after another.

Reporter Joo Young-min, announcer Ju Ji-eun, reporter Ha Seong-ryong, and writer Park Jin-hyung participated. 

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foul warning criteria 

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E-Land notation 

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00:31:10 Issue focus: ① Heung-min Son, Eui Hwang Cho, Hwang Hee-chan absent.

00:45:50 Issue focus: ② K-League review begins!

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