Zlatan Ibrahimovic left the national team after the European Championships in 2016. But a week ago, national team captain Janne Andersson confirmed that he is back.

Today, the 39-year-old made his first press conference with the national team.

He is happy to be back and feels the craving.

- It felt good, I got that gut feeling I had when I was in the national team many years ago, says Zlatan.

"Does not help me today"

He talked about the first meeting with national team captain Janne Andersson.

They understood each other immediately.

- In the end, it was about what is best for Sweden.

He knows what is best for Sweden, and I know what is best for Sweden.

When you get to know each other, you get a completely different picture, says Zlatan at the press conference.

It was a good and honest meeting.

- I said that "I do not know how I will feel in a few weeks or months".

I said that "if you feel I can contribute something", then ask the question, when it's time.

I do not come here because I am Zlatan or Ibrahimovic, says Zlatan.

- If I am to participate, it must be because I deserve to be involved.

Everything I have done before does not help me today.

If I feel that I can compete, I feel that I want to participate.

I want to feel physically good, so I can do what I'm good at.

Right now it feels good.

I'm strong.

"Promised him to decide matches"

But he emphasizes that it is the national team captain Janne Andersson who decides.

- I promised him to decide matches, haha.

I'm just here to help and make it better.

If you ask me, I'm the best in the world ... but that does not help me here.

The 39-year-old has made some statements about the national team and the national team captain who have made headlines.

But he has put it behind him.

- What has happened, has happened.

There is no point in looking back.

We look forward.

Janne does what is best for Sweden, and then he thinks it is best for Sweden.

I'm just here to contribute.