Sagamihara City, where 19 people were killed at a facility for people with intellectual disabilities five years ago, has eliminated all discrimination against the Tokyo Paralympic torch, which is supposed to collect the original fire in various parts of the country. In order to show our determination to realize a symbiotic society, we have decided to collect the torch at this facility.

The Tokyo Paralympics torch will be lit to the torch at the opening ceremony on August 24, after collecting fires from August 12 in various parts of the country using regional characteristics and collecting them in Tokyo. is.

Of these, Sagamihara City has decided to collect fire at the intellectually disabled facility "Tsukui Yamayurien" where 19 residents were killed in July 2016, five years ago. I understand.

The city wants to convey to the world a strong determination to eliminate all discrimination in line with the Paralympic philosophy of aiming for the realization of a symbiotic society.

The city has agreed on this policy with the corporation that operates "Tsukui Yamayurien" and reports it to the Games Organizing Committee to make final adjustments.

At "Tsukui Yamayurien," the building that was the scene of the incident is being rebuilt, and the city will decide on a specific method for collecting fire based on the intentions of the victims' bereaved families. ..

An official at Tsukui Yamayurien said, "The summer when the Paralympics are held coincides with the time when the garden starts anew. I hope the torch will give us a chance to reconsider a symbiotic society."