FC Seoul captain Ki Sung-yong scored his first three consecutive goals in a super match with Suwon

, leading


thrilling back-to-back victory.

With three consecutive victories, Seoul quickly climbed to second place.

This is reporter Lee Jeong-chan.

<Reporter> The

first confrontation of the season between Suwon, the K-League's best rival, and Seoul, ignited the opening goal of Suwon's fearless teenager, Sangbin Sang-bin.

Born in 2002, 19-year-old Jung Sang-bin broke through the Seoul defense team in the first 15 minutes with an unstoppable breakthrough and scored two consecutive goals by stabbing the corner of the goal with his left foot.

However, Ki Sung-yong, who is showing off his sense of climax after overcoming the recent'abusive controversy', turned the game to the starting point.

Ki Sung-yong tasted a goal in a super match after 13 years with a laser-like mid-range shot in the first half.

[Kee Sung Young!

Player's career, the first to score 3 consecutive goals.] After winning the

trend, Seoul reversed the game with Park Jung-bin's'debut goal' in the 34th minute of the second half.

Park Jung-bin sensibly pushed the ball that Palosevich gave with his head, even though he lost the center, marking a period in the famous game.

Seong-Yong Ki's 3 consecutive goals and 3 consecutive wins, Seoul jumped to 2nd place with the first loss of the season to Suwon.

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first goal was scored by Song Min-gyu, ace of Pohang in Seongnam-do, but won a thrilling turn-around victory with a terrifying back-heart.

Lee Gyu-sung's corner kick hit Pohang defender's foot and bend, resulting in a lucky tie, followed by Lee Jung-min, who went on to debut, scored a theater goal in the second half of the 43rd minute to complete a 2-1 victory.

(Video editing: Park Chun-bae)