Chinanews client, March 19th, another week is about to pass, and exciting sports events are coming as scheduled.

This season's UEFA Champions League and Europa League knockout ceremonies will be held soon. How the signing affects the hearts of all fans.

The CBA All-Star Game will be staged this weekend. In addition to the North-South matchup, this year's event will review the wonderful moments of the All-Star Weekend 25 years with national fans and pay tribute to the legend (below are Beijing time).

Champions League quarter-finals this season

UEFA Champions League & Europa League draw

  As the focus of European football, the upcoming UEFA Champions League and Europa League knockout draw ceremonies have attracted the attention of fans, and a strong dialogue is bound to be born.

  In the Champions League quarter-finals, the Premier League occupies three seats, namely Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea.

The Bundesliga teams occupy two seats, Bayern and Dortmund.

Only Real Madrid are left in La Liga, while Ligue 1 and the Portuguese Super League each occupy a seat, namely Paris Saint-Germain and Porto.

  In the Europa League, the quarter-finals are Manchester United, Arsenal, Ajax, Roma, Villarreal, Granada, Slavia Prague and Dinamo Zagreb.

  19:00 UEFA Champions League knockout draw on the 19th

  19th 20:00 Europa League knockout draw

Top 5 European Leagues

  Although Bayern Munich, Manchester City, Inter Milan and other giants will have games in the next two days, but this weekend European football lacks a gimmicky strong dialogue, so Wu Lei's performance has become the focus of attention by fans.

Data Map: Wu Lei

  In the upcoming 30th round of La Liga, the Spaniard's opponent is Logonis.

From the point of view of the standings, the Spaniard ranked No. 3 is clearly superior in overall strength.

As the points difference between the 2nd and 5th places in the standings is relatively small, the Spaniard's promotion prospects are still unclear, and three points are undoubtedly the team's goal for this campaign.

  Wu Lei has recently lacked the opportunity to make consecutive appearances, and several sporadic substitutes have also received little time, and there is no way to maintain the state.

However, due to the approaching international game day, several players in the Spaniard may be recruited, such as striker Puado, which means that Wu Lei has the opportunity to get more playing time in the near future.

I hope he can seize the opportunity and have an impressive performance.

  22:30 on the 20th Bundesliga round 26 Cologne: Dortmund

  22:30 on the 20th, the 26th round of the Bundesliga Bayern Munich: Stuttgart

  20th 23:15 La Liga round 28 Celta: Real Madrid

  21st 1:30 FA Cup quarter-finals Everton: Manchester City

  21st 3:45 Serie A 28th round Inter Milan: Sassuolo

  4:00 on the 21st, the 30th round of the Spanish Second Division: Logones

  21st, 22:00 Serie A 28th round Juventus: Benevento

CBA All-Star Game

  From March 19th to 21st, the 25th CBA All-Star Weekend will be staged at Qingdao Guoxin Stadium.

In the starting lineup of the North and South teams this year, there are 4 players from the same team. This has never been seen in the history of the CBA All-Star Weekend. The 8 players who entered the starting list happened to belong to last year. The opponents of the finals, but also the most contenders for this year's CBA championship, Liaoning and Guangdong teams.

All-Star 25th Anniversary Team

  In addition to the North-South matchup, this tournament will also review the wonderful moments of the 25-year CBA All-Star Weekend with fans across the country.

Before the start of this year’s All-Star Weekend, fans voted to select the three best teams for the 25th anniversary of the CBA All-Star. They are:

  1996-2000 era: Wang Zhizhi, Yao Ming, Liu Yudong, Hu Weidong, Li Xiaoyong.

  2001-2010 era: Yao Ming, Zhu Fangyu, Yi Jianlian, Liu Wei, Hu Weidong.

  2011-2020 era: Yi Jianlian, Wang Zhizhi, Zhu Fangyu, Guo Ailun, Marbury.

  As part of the 25th anniversary, this All-Star Weekend will also arrange some special sessions to pay tribute to the celebrities.

  19:00 on the 20th Xingrui Team Southern District Xingrui Team: North District Xingrui Team

  19:00 on the 21st: South Star Team: North Star Team

NBA regular season

  This season the NBA enters the second half of the regular season.

Currently, the Philadelphia 76ers, Brooklyn Nets and Milwaukee Bucks are among the top 3 in the Eastern Conference, with a relatively obvious advantage in winning games.

In the West, there are as many as 9 teams with a winning rate of more than 50%, and the competition is more intense.

  8:00 on the 20th Warriors: Grizzlies

  20th 8:00 Nets: Magic

  10:00 on the 20th Lone Ranger: Trailblazer

  3:30 on the 21st Eagles: Lakers

  8:00 on the 21st Warriors: Grizzlies

  21st 10:00 Hornets: Clippers

Data map: Kento Momota in the game.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Lu Ming

All England Badminton Tournament

  The Chinese and South Korean teams did not sign up for the All England Championship. Dai Ziying, Zhou Tiancheng and Spanish star Marlin from Chinese Taipei chose to retire before the game. In addition, there were new crowns among the passengers who went to the UK on the same plane with the Indonesian team For those infected, the Indonesian team has also withdrawn from the competition. Therefore, this year's All England Tournament is lack of stars and there are not many high-level confrontations.

  On the whole, the player who has received the most attention is the Japanese star Kento Momota. This game is his first game of comeback since he suffered a car accident at the beginning of last year.

At present, Kento Momota and Ansailong have successfully passed the second round and are expected to face directly.


  As the two major events that have received much attention in e-sports, LOL (League of Legends) and DOTA2 (Dota) both have eye-catching matches this week.

LPL League Ranking

  In terms of LOL, the LPL Spring Split is about to enter the sprint stage. At present, the top teams in the standings have a very small gap between their wins and losses, and the result of a game may greatly change the ranking situation.

In addition, there have been many high-profile collisions this week, which has attracted much attention.

  In DOTA2, the third season of the CDA-FDC Professional Championship will come to an end, and the championship will be produced this weekend.

  17:00 on the 20th Spring V5: FPX

  19:00 Spring RNG:TES on the 20th

  16:00 on the 19th FDC-S3 winner group finals PSG.LGD:EHOME

  19th 19:00 FDC-S3 Loser Group Elephant: Aster

  14:00 on the 20th FDC-S3 losers finals

  17:00 FDC-S3 Finals on the 20th