Chinanews client, March 16 According to the World Federation of Taiwan News, the 2021 Snooker World Championships will be held as a pilot event from April 17th to May 3rd. At that time, the audience will be welcomed back and specific measures will be adopted. , In order to prepare the venue to accommodate more spectators.

Data map: Ding Junhui won the 2019 British Championships.

Image source: Visual China

  According to the announcement, in order to establish a sample database, many pilots will collect samples of fans who do not follow the rules of social distancing under strict medical supervision, and conduct a series of non-pharmaceutical interventions, such as adjustments, during matches that cannot meet the rules of social distancing. The layout of the venue, the requirement to wear masks and ensure ventilation, etc.

  Each pilot event will be supervised by a team of researchers, who will closely monitor the behavior and interaction of the audience.

Every participant must undergo a nucleic acid test for the new coronavirus before the start of the event. Only with a negative result can they enter the pilot event. Afterwards, they will be tested again to ensure that the potential virus transmission can be monitored.

  Spectators are required to abide by the corresponding terms when purchasing tickets, including following the government's regulations on the use of masks and the epidemic prevention guidelines for specific events.

Participants in the event will not be able to watch the game if they have symptoms of new crown pneumonia. They must also provide the detailed contact information of each fellow in the testing and tracking program of the British National Medical System (NHS).

  The event research plan should also pay attention to the risk factors of each link, including indoor layout and outdoor layout, large and small venues, standing and sitting events, and various ways of audience participation.

Arrival and departure from the venue, the duration of the event, and the on-site food and beverage are also factors to be considered.

  Barry Hearn, President of the World Snooker Tour, said: "For those players who are far from the atmosphere of the fans, this is very good news. The atmosphere of the first match day in Cruze will be better than ever. , Lucky audiences with tickets will have a wonderful experience. All people are united to overcome the difficulties, and snooker is still at the forefront of the sports world." (End)