Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane made some provocative statements about Cristiano Ronaldo on Monday.

The Frenchman is not ruling out a return of the Juventus star.

Ronaldo was criticized in Italy last week after FC Porto's elimination with Juventus in the eighth finals of the Champions League.

Various media called the project between player and club a failure, after which there were plenty of rumors about a departure after this season.

"If there are so many rumors about a return to Real Madrid then there may be some truth in it. It is possible, it is possible. Let's wait and see what will happen in the future," said Zidane, adding some more. wanted to introduce nuances.

"We know Cristiano, we know who he is as a person and what he has done for Real Madrid. But at the moment he is a Juventus player and you have to respect him and the club. He is a great player and now Juventus is benefiting from it. him."


And there are already numbers 2 and 3 of the evening!

CR7's hat-trick against Cagliari after only 32 minutes of play Where will this end for Juventus?

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For the app users, tap the tweet to see how Cristiano Ronaldo completed his hat-trick against Cagliari.

Ronaldo gets gram with a hat trick

Ronaldo switched from Real to Juventus for 117 million euros in the summer of 2018 and signed a contract until mid-2022. He had to help the Italians to the coveted Champions League victory, but since his arrival the club has not progressed beyond the quarter-finals. in the ball of millions.

The 36-year-old routine got his gram on Sunday in his 600th league game in professional football by scoring a hat-trick at Cagliari (1-3) in Serie A. He pointed to his ear after his third goal, but refused to give interviews afterwards. to give.

"The future is tomorrow. There is still a lot to be gained with Juventus and Portugal," Ronaldo wrote on social media.

His trainer Andrea Pirlo stood up for him.

"There is a simple reason that he did not give interviews now: he has already spoken during the game, with a hat-trick."

Real also has to qualify for the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

The Spaniards will defend a 1-0 lead against Atalanta in the return of the eighth finals on Tuesday.

With Real, Ronaldo won the million ball four times (in 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018).